My name is Luciana Chiusole; Bezec is my artist’s name that I chose in memory of my father. I live in Salò, a small town on the shores of the lake of Garda in Italy; my contacts are:

  • via Regina Margherita, 10 - I 25087 Salò (Brescia)
  • e-mail
  • cell. +39 335 6266414

I have always been seeing in Nature, particularly in the roots of cut off trees, peculiar “forms” that bring about making up the roots with clay or paper pulp to get the shape I have “seen” and eventually painting and varnishing it.

My recent works (“Gods & Goddesses”) have been evolving from this approach over the last years when, reading about the ancient mythologies, I started “dreaming” of the roots as a specific element of a “God” or “Goddess” I had learned of.

I say “dreaming” because I really dream about the Gods, the Goddesses and their roots, whereupon I try to turn my dreams into reality using life-size mannequins as basic structure of these works, re-modeling their shape according to my formal exigencies, covering them with sailor’s ropes and cloth, then adding to them discarded objects and lying about materials, which I find wandering over the countryside and in the forest, such as tree branches, peculiar leaves, metal pieces, small stones,…finally choosing the colors to be painted.